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Make Money Sending Leads To Companies

You Can Make Money by Sending Leads to Companies

You can be paid by sending leads (your blog or website visitors) to companies to check out their products services. Which may be interested in buying.

It works like this – Imagine a Health & Beauty Spa paid you $20 every time you recommended sending leadsthem, prospective customers and clients. Now, you can do exactly this online.

When a visitor comes to your website to read about what you have to say, you can recommend to them a company you feel they should check out. Further, they get to be ‘Personally Recommended by YOU’ when they complete a referral form, by entering their contact information.

You Can Make $1000’s In Revenue A Month

It’s easier to make money online by ‘recommending’ to your visitors where to go, than trying to ‘sell’ them something. Most of your visitor traffic will follow your recommendations, which makes you money. This is contrary to the statistics that indicate that only 1% of your visitors may buy from you. In fact, a Nielsen Study reported that up to 90% of visitors follow recommendations.

So do the math. If you have 100 visitors to your website, and one person buys one $10 item, you’ve made $10, BUT if you refer 50 people to companies that pay you $10 per lead, you’ve made $500. The Internet has evolved and become a ‘Review’ economy. People now look to reviews and recommendations before making a purchase online. From Amazon to Yelp to Angie’s List, reviews and recommendation by perceived online authorities matter. Advertiser knows it’s harder to sell things online without good recommendations.

People Trust Friends & Authorities

You can have a lucrative Internet business with the experience, knowledge or passion you have right now. You can actually start sending leads to advertisers for any topic or industry. That you know can make you an Authority online. People Love to be recommended to places and people.

People like to be able to say “Mr. Authority recommended me to you.” And, companies that sell online realize the power of recommendations, and they are willing to pay for it. There’s no better sales force out there than one person recommending to another person which business to go to for help or to get the best buy.

How To Start Sending Leads To Companies

Begin with a company that’s service based, like fitness coach, dentist, or nutritionist. Start $10 per lead.

Then create pages of good content, and have your referral form offering your visitors a free consultation provided by your referral company, like a free nutrition consultation. As you know, food is medicine.

Then add on other kinds of referral companies after you make your first referral program work. As you will then be an expert!

Begin by sending leads to yourself. Talk to your visitor that completed your referral form for a free consultation. If it’s a good lead, then pass it on to your referral company, or a company you want to start sending leads to.

You may wish to give the first lead for free, then charge for them thereafter. Make sure that the first 10 leads go to you, to make sure that your website is creating good leads. You’ll know if your leads are good after talking to a dozen or so of your visitors.

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