Now is the time to add your content to your blog; probably the most time-consuming action for your blog. There are two basic ways to do this: outsourcing or authoring it yourself.


Finding the right freelancer can make the difference between good content and content not worth reading at all. The process for finding a good freelancer is this:

  1. 1. Ask for sample Any freelancer would be willing to give you short samples if they’re worth anything. Don’t expect a whole book; that’s just ridiculous. You could expect them to give you an article.
  2. 2. Search for their name. Use the search engines to find out if they’re a scammer.
  3. 3. Check their feedback Most freelancing sites will have a feedback system that is user run. You should use this to your advantage.
  4. 4. Don’t pay more than 50% up front. Not everyone will, but some people can take forever after getting paid to Avoid this pitfall by keeping that carrot dangling in front of them.
  5. 5. Ask for references. If they’ve done some work, you should be able to get a reference from them.
  6. 6. Order a small batch first. If you’ve gotten to this point and you’re still not completely satisfied, then order a small batch which would be the least amount they would You can evaluate their skill here.

If you can read and understand them, then they’re probably okay. But, any work that you get from them should be checked against Copyscape, which would tell you if the content is potentially plagiarized.

Lastly, the most important thing you’re going to get from the freelancer is a guide which you can rewrite the way you want. If you feel you have to rewrite too much of it, then you should probably reject it and move on.



If you’re going to write it yourself, you’ll need to SEO the content, and this is what you need:

  1. The title of your post should be short and contain a keyword phrase you’re trying to rank for
  2. Write your content in natural speech. This means don’t be repetitive and don’t stuff your content full of keywords.
  3. When you link to other posts or other pages, make sure they work, first of all, and also that you don’t link by saying “click here”. Instead, say “look at my entry about headache relief”. That way, you’ll try to rank for “headache relief” (useful) instead of “click here” (useless).
  4. Use TAGS! You’ve installed the plugin for it, now use it.

That’s pretty much it; the rest is done for you with the Yoast SEO pack that you installed earlier.


Everyone loves the word “autopilot”. That basically means you don’t have to do anything; it’s all automated. The trick is in outsourcing (or writing ahead) and auto-posting inside WordPress.

From your blog’s dashboard, click the “Posts” link on the left, then select “Add New”. There are three columns: the standard WordPress navigation menu, the posting box column, and the publishing column.

In the publishing column, there’s a line that says “Publish Immediately or Edit”. If you click on the edit link, you can set a specific date and time for it to auto-publish; it’ll be posted to your blog just as if you had done it manually – no one will know.

This will allow you to take the trip that you’ve been needing to take or attend to some emergency family business. When you get some free time, just make a couple of extra posts for those rainy days so you don’t have to work every day.

In addition to automating your posts or your outsourced posts, you can also automate by feeding in content through RSS feeds. Just do a search for blogs or other RSS sources related to your blog and add their content in its special section, or even a separate page on your blog.

You’re going for the traffic you’d be getting from the search engines because they’ll be pinged every time your blog updates at all, which is the beauty of the whole thing.

This will pull in the visitors, giving you an endless stream of traffic. If you have constant traffic and you offer good content, your blog will get more popular.

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