Starting a Blog That Actually Makes Money


Blogging isn’t hard to do; anyone can put up a blog on their own server and run it successfully without problems. Understanding the process is really simple and I’m going to explain it all right here.

It’s probably one of the most versatile ways to get in touch with a lot of people for product sales; other ways like Twitter limit you to a number of characters or will tag you for spam if you meet certain criteria.

You can literally have a blog up and running within in a matter of minutes. But knowing how to put up a blog is only part of it; you also need to know how to give it traffic. I’m going to assume you have some money to put into this endeavor. Not because I think you should be spending a lot of money, but because I think you should have at the very least $35 available, which would be the most this would cost if you decided to go with my ideas.

If you don’t have the $35 available, I’m not going to say you don’t belong in this business because everyone has to start somewhere. For me to assume that everyone shares the same financial level as everyone else would be ludicrous at best. While

I am dismissive of the free hosting methods I have given in here, they can work if you are careful in executing your plan. That means no spamming and no aggressive marketing.

Logical Sections of Successful Blogging

This page is broken up into logical sections for you, as the beginner or the advanced blogger so you can follow it easily.

“Blogging Basics” shows you the different types of blogs and how they are related, and then focuses on the two most important types for this page.

“Starting a Blog,” tells you why you should host your own blog, which software to use, finding a hosting company, and finding a registrar.

“Choosing a Niche” takes the two scopes and tells you how to map out your research starting with a good domain name.

“Blog Installation and Setup,” tells you how to do just that, including themes and plugins.

“Your Content,” tells you how to add your content and what it should contain for the best approach.

“Getting Traffic” will explore traffic methods for your blog.

As you go through this book you will find that it’s really simple and if you follow the plan then you’ll have a successful blog up and running in no time at all.

8 Steps to Making Your Blog Successful

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