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Introduction to Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another simple yet profitable way to monetize your blog and make money online. There are 1000’s of manufacturers in all industries who have products or services available for you to sell and make a commission on.

You don’t need a product to sell, you don’t have to take payments, and you don’t have to ship anything. Plus, you don’t have to deal with customers, returns, or refunds.

An affiliate marketing company pays you when a visitor from your website clicks on an affiliate link. The customer is sent to the affiliate marketing company’s website and makes a purchase.

How Much Commission Can You Earn With Affiliate Marketing?  

Commissions vary between affiliate marketing companies. Information and downloadable software products can average commission rates of 50% to 75%, whereas, physical products or services usually bring in commission rates between 5% and 10%.

Example Of An Affiliate Marketing Product

Affiliate marketingThis is an example of what an affiliate product would look like in your online store.

Click the START ClickBank University button, and you can see how the store works.

When a visitor clicks on the START ClickBank University’ button they’re directed to the affiliate company’s website to continue with their purchase.

How To Start Selling Affiliate Marketing Products

You can search on Google for the type of products or services you want to sell. When you find the company selling it, you can call them directly. Many of these affiliate marketing companies also have their own affiliate programs. They then allow you to sign up on their website to promote the sale of their products or services.

Your affiliate marketing company will also give you a login section on their website. From there, you can keep track of your sales, and payments. 

Consolidators – Affiliate Marketing Websites

There are also companies that have consolidated 1,000’s of affiliate partners under one umbrella. You can register through these affiliate marketing websites and select the kind of affiliate products you want to promote.

Three popular consolidators or Affiliate Marketing Websites are ClickBankLinkShare and Commission Junction

ClickBank sells information-based products and downloadable software products like PROFIT 365 with commissions ranging between 40% and 75%. You can register for free on ClickBank and immediately get approval to sell any of the products from the companies they represent.

Here’s an example of a software product, offered by a company under the ClickBank umbrella. TRAFFIC Ivy, the new revolutionary cloud-based SaaS gets guaranteed real FREE traffic anytime you want!

It works for List Building, Blogging, Affiliate Offers, e-Com, Social Marketing & More…

LinkShare & Commission Junction’s product lines range in commission from 5% to 10%.  

One example of LinkShare’s companies where you need to be approved for selling their unique product lines is You may have seen their product lines in magazines on various airlines. Approvals are easier to get when you create an online store already.

Affiliate Banners & Tracking Affiliate Links

Affiliates Marketing Companies provide you with affiliate banners or tracking affiliate links you can easily copy into your website. You simply copy and paste affiliate links into your store which tracks your visitor purchases.

When a visitor clicks on one, the system will direct him to your affiliate company, and the tracking system will track the sale. Links can usually track returning visitors for weeks or months and you can still receive a commission if they return to make a purchase. You should ask your affiliate partner the time frame that they attribute the sale to you for returning visitors.

You can feature affiliate products and services that are complementary to what your website is about. This way, you can feature them in various website pages alongside your primary revenue stream.


You can sell an unlimited number of affiliate products on your website. Look for affiliate marketing programs that best suit your website and income goals and start promoting them.

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